Our mission is to give you the best authentic sushi experience in town. We are committed to satisfying our customers completely with the best quality food, excellent service, and great value while providing the most pleasant, clean, and comfortable ambiance.
Welcome to Renjiro Sushi Restaurant, where we believe that your happiness is our priority. Never tried sushi or Japanese cuisine? Try eating in one of our restaurant and we will guarantee you will walk out with Japanese food on the list of your favorites. That’s what we do best; we spread love that Japanese food brings and deliver the comfort to our customers.

When you walk into a Renjiro you will encounter a casual atmosphere with light Japanese Bossa Nova playing, people smiling, and our friendly staff will welcome you through the doors with a warm greeting of “Irrashaimase!” which simply means “Welcome” in Japanese. Look at our smiling mascot! Never hesitate to say hello and speak to any of us if you require any assistance, we’ll be more than delighted to help. Come eat and drink. Enjoy yourselves, have some fun. We’ll see you there.